New website

Hey, peeps I’m new to this whole web-siting thing , just trying to figure out what photos would good for the pages and other stuff. So I guess today marks the first post!

I enjoy writing but I can get tired of tying all the time. To be completely honest with you the reason why I created this website was because , there seems a need for someone to write about what we need to do, to change the world. I don’t mind being another soul to spread the awareness around the world. I absolutely care about the human race which I do call myself a Humanitarian. Ever since I was little classmates would say the same thing every time I help somebody, “why are always helping people?” , ” You don’t need to help everyone!” , “just worry about Yourself.” Did I listen to them? No.

I had this desire to help any or every people I can , which I sometimes regret and other times feel good after. Still today I do it just to see the smiles on people’s faces! It’s an addiction and I can’t stop! Can’t stop , won’t stop , not to drop!
To elaborate a bit about this website there will be posts about the following :
Spiritually, the system , school , Environment , famous celebs  , Personal stories , Being Original , Weather , Food , Music , Light & Darkness , Changing the world ,  Helping others and much more.
So my Message to all you people who are thinking about creating a website is go ahead and do it! We live in fear everyday of our lives why not fight it and be free to do what ever we want , without it getting in the way. To the people who love helping others take it from me always make time for yourself ,  I know that there are millions of people needing help , but trust me you can’t live life always giving everyone a gift but leave yourself out! So until next time always believe in a new day for other opportunities.

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