The Innocent souls & The Mischievous souls : Music Industry l

Hey peeps , I just wanted to get this off my chest. Mainly about the music industry. I will not create some dumb conspiracy involving the ” The Illuminati ” no not even close , more like evil/devilish people inside the industry.

Honestly, I feel like the truth should be told to all human kind. Where to began is music. Everybody has a favorite song to listen or sing , but do you what kind of message is that singer sending? To children ? Teenagers ? Probably not. So what messages are they spreading ? I think I can answer that with of industry songwriters and producers. They are the ones who have songwriters write songs that , influence us to things we shouldn’t do

You see after the writers are done the producers have the singers sing it to make million and millions of money. Oh you might think to yourself ‘ the artist makes all the money?’ Actually no the label do which is unfair on the behalf of artist. Just think about it , You make a great Album that sold let’s say 8 million records around the world. So to you it’s a big check you hope to spend but in reality it’s not yours but the company. You freak out not remembering a contract you signed with the them stating the fees , taxes , money you owe also they own your catalog which could make more wealth.

In contrast , the music industry is fake and filled with devilish people who don’t but only money and power.

An great example is no other than Michael Jackson. He was and still is the amazing artist of all time. Reason why I included him was he was a victim of this “Mean Machine”. Every time he tries whether in his songs or in public  to expose the people behind the curtain they come up with false claims in  articles that are nothing but trash. To ruin his career and life  which of course is wrong on so many levels. I found two videos to help further explain why Michael exposed the devilish persons behind it all. Poor Michael 😦

As you saw in the videos the industry is nothing to play with or do business with.
Moving on.

There has been many Tabloid Trash around the internet lately about Michael and Madonna dated during the early 90’s some crap like that. I myself believe it’s not true!

Of course they did date but not for long, also I heard she told other tabloids bad stuff to ruin his career! Which backed fired her so.
I do indeed have some more things to say in this posts that would seem to be like ‘ roasting’ and hurt her fans ‘feelings’,  but it’s my post and I can say what ever I want !
First of all , Madonna you really should stop acting like you’re the queen of something or anything value, because you’re not! Second why did would you go and tell lies to the media right after Michael repeatedly said he didn’t like you more than a friend? Do that make any sense? Oh and to really be honest the music you sold to millions of people have no messages of good , world problems or helping to change the he world at all!
The reality is she thinks being this excuse my French “slutty whore” image would make her popular and a good message to people like me ( Teenagers ) like hey kids do you know that the only way that guy would love is being slutty like me ?! it’s okay to be a “rebel’ everybody is doing it.” Sometimes I just don’t know why people like Madonna live the way they do. Seriously  think about the children ?
Here is proof that Michael Jackson did not like Madonna ! As well of the video that started all these stupid recent tabloids look :

Note: This is not the conclusion of the post. I will make other parts to turn into a mini series to explain more people in this topic , It may be short or long.

So there is a message that needs to be said…. it’s about friends. They wanna be around without a sound , but not when you’re the clown. You can be cool by the pool with them , but not cloud them with advice that could make you think twice. the bottom line is if you’re not in their game , then you’re considered lame. Until next time peeps Music was made for us to enjoy the and beats through our souls. Not for luxury and gold!


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