The Truth About Religion

Hey peeps , today I wanna post about…. Religion.
Yes you heard me , the thing that everyone can’t live without. One of the big topics that gets you in an argument with friends/strangers.
In this post I will be giving insight into why Religion is such a conversation starter and things like that.
First of all , there is about seven main religions the ” Big five” are Christianity, Buddhism , Judaism , Hinduism , Islam according to Apparently , all have different beliefs and people who are associated with. I  don’t have belief in all of them, not because their imperfections but I just don’t see myself go by the rules faith it requires me to have.
I can only talk about the ends and outs of Christianity & Judaism because I know the customs better than the other ones.
Christianity, the most popular belief in the world. Millions of churches with money hungry pastors asking the church goers to ” give offering” for  the church when really going to the preacher inside.
Now you may have seen churches like this flash around other churches as “better looking” or just a competition to see which church can bring more people:
I can’t believe they do stuff like this expecting us still go to their church and give offering after offering to benefit the preachers wealth? What have the church done for us ? Like seriously!
Next is Judaism , I learned a few things about this religion that makes me wonder. They believe in God ( Like almost every religion does) ,Jesus is god , god created the universe without any help , etc. It’s like god is the only one to be worship by and the bible is often used like Christianity.  Oh another thing is  the belief in Heaven & Hell.  Sounds just like Christianity why am I not surprised? 
Although this may be a weird conclusion I have to wrap this up , feeling tired and dizzy. But I will leave you guys my final thoughts before I go
Life is meant to be a learning experience , whether you know it or not it is what it is. We don’t need to be so caught up on which religion is best why not try to learn about it. I’m sure there’s lots of text that could interest you. I personally think religion was here to divide us from who we are, instead of not trying find our purpose here on earth. I do believe god exist but I disagree with what religion says he or she is.  Until next time always thank the heavens and universe for being who you are!

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