My Psychic/intuitive abilities

Hey peeps , I just wanted to share something that is cool and interesting gift I have.
As you can see by the Title I have “psychic abilities”.
So yeah this one time I was chatting with my sister about many different things. Then she asked about our mother and father , I said ” I feel like they’re gonna have an argument but it’s not gonna be that big”.
Then a three days later it was morning time , me and my sister had to get ready for school.
Until we heard shouting coming from downstairs and what did ya know our parents were having a argument. I felt angry and shocked at the same time. I couldn’t believe it! I predicted it! Even my sister couldn’t believe it
Other times not like this one I predicted but not that important to say. Another ability I have is known what someone is going to say before they say it or Telepathy. I do have a couple of other abilities like clairvoyance and precognition.  Deja Vu always was in my childhood also now too. I know it’s not really psychic but I do have experiences all the time.
To wrap it up I can say I do have this strange abilities that weird me out. So my message to all is listen to your gut it may save your life or help in all ways possible!

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