The Meaning Of Life

Hey peeps , Post is gonna be about ‘The Meaning Of Life’ which I believe we’ve all hear before , but what does it really mean? Is it just an learning  experience or are we suppose to have a planned life that must be perfect?

These questions makes wonder why are we here in the first place. The answer is we are here to yes, learn about important subject matter that can help us in the long run. For an example , if you are having trouble saying something to people through – out life  but shy then , your life lesson is self- confidence.

In fact Life lessons help us find out who we are on earth. Some people believe there is incarnated angels here to be a service to humans here , of course there are other Living beings incarnated too. Like Starseeds , Angelic , Indigos , Extraterrestrials(ET) , Lightworkers. All coming from the 5th Dimension in the spirit realm.
No matter who you are or what you do, we were all connected together. Here to have an human experience.

Not what the society tells us to dress , eat , drink , behave etc. Which they don’t want us know our true inner self. What happened to Loving each other? Learning about nature ? Help others see the light within?

We need to be aware of all the surroundings that are changing by the hour. My message to all of the humans living here is Life shouldn’t be boring , annoying , worthless , because it’s not more of a fun adventure filled with never ending happiness if you only believe. Until next time try new things you haven’t done or known !


Oh and P.S. I forget to include a video so here it is enjoy!!!


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