Songs Stuck In My Head

Hey Peeps , I hope you all had a great time celebrating the holidays.  So today has been quite different then usual.

 As you all know the passing of George Michael which I feel deeply sorry for anyone who was close to him or a fan.

 I was listening to his music earlier this morning feeling  a sad cloud around me but , not crying about him leaving the earth without saying goodbye.

 Later on I kept getting his songs playing over and over again in my head , to a point I had to sing them out loud! The songs that got stuck in my head were: Everything she wants , Father Figure , Last Christmas. From the past few days I learned many new things about him like his personality and His soul , I’ve had looked many documentaries of his friends saying ‘ he was giving liked helping people ‘ which this does warms my heart! I just love it when people are a kind and giving heart just like me. I don’t feel like I’m the only one.

I felt that the day before his death I was listening to last Christmas without know about him going to pass the next day.

 Apparently ,his soul is traveling to many places and dimensions  playing is music and spreading joy while on the there side.

 I do have a message for you all today , Live life like there’s no tomorrow in other words Live your life as if you were not gonna be alive the next day. You never know when it’s your time , so do the things you love and spend time with people who care about you. Until next time spread the love and light to everyone around!


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