The Social injustice

Hey peeps , I want bring something to the light here I wanna speak out about this !
This is Social Injustice.
Yes. As we all know it’s big problem affect us and our loved ones every single day. Causing many people to commit suicide. How you may ask is easier than it seems to be. Look at the TV shows , pop culture , society and how effective it is to the population.
Note I will speaking upon the recurring situations in the world. If by any chance this post makes you feel offended I’m do apologize. Therefore this post will be in 3 sections.
We all grow up with it. From watching cartoons to reality shows TV has been been here long than the internet , letting us enjoy good entertainment at it’s finest! so now I have to break it to you guys , TV is not what it seems.
When we were little TV taught us that Disney , Nickelodeon , Cartoon  etc. that anyone can be a star. I don’t about you but I had dreams of becoming a Disney star along side Raven Symone & Demi Lotavo. Apparently that didn’t happen only because my parents wanted me to finish school first ,  see if I wanted to act.
It wasn’t until I turned 13 and realized that the stars we see on the sliver screen were the same anymore. What I mean by that is they feel like slaves or sex objects for the other men in Hollywood , ya know the creators , executive producers , directors all of them having sexual desires for them. oh and the talent no they don’t look at that! Not at all!
So the Real question is why do we have shows that feature inappropriate references dealing with kids? and How do they know?
I have an example of this right here! ⇓

Another thing I realized was when the actors/actresses or Singers get older some of them go through mental breakdowns or wild out. I was shocked when Demi Lotavo had to go rehab it just makes me question why do all the celebs go to rehab ? That I will get into in another post.

Mainstream media ( Fake News )

Magazines , News articles , Newsrooms all of these forms are related to TV and Internet. The media has a strong effect on the youth of today. Young people or Young adults are always targeted in society. Magazines like teen vogue and seventeen have a great influence for Teens growing up now. I do enjoy the magazines , but their just as guilty of brainwashing us as celebs! Speaking of celebs , The news articles create horrible lies about them , even when a famous star do kind things , the trash just keep piling up !

Not only are they brainwashing teens , it’s kids too!

Models posing for cameras under weight , Fat shaming models , allowing certain races to appear on the cover of magazines. Do you know that message they are sending the children? Supposedly they’re saying ” If Your light weight ( like underweight) , these race , wearing this , congrats you’re cool if not then don’t bother trying!” Really Media? this explains why many teenage girls commit suicide , eating disorders , have no love for themselves!

I was around girls that were like that and that is not a pretty thing to feeling. Of course I encourage them to love who they are and tell them they’re pretty from the inside&out , they didn’t listen to me. Then here goes the tabloids judging  someones sexual preference. Which I’ll talk about in another post too!

For an example here’s Cara Delevingne comments on modeling industry

From the video you’ve seen were models are exploited by these money hungry agents making the models feel bad about themselves.



A huge network filled with many websites to comment or like on. Yes another influence weapon they use. Tablets , Smartphone , computers are our everyday tool we live to not forget. Videos more watched than a TV show sitcom. Selfies taken while eating is enough to make you say have we as humans lost our doggone minds? very so. The fact that when someone is fighting with another person while the bystander catch it on camera. Like are you gonna help that person or just watch ?

On the contrary  we as beings of light shouldn’t watch another being getting bullied or kicked around to just record it. Yeah recording incidences are important for law cases but not entertainment wise. Instead lets help them and even possibly save their lives. Reality is more significant than the online reality.

Sometimes the truth can be harder to believe than a lie.

Conclusion , we have been faced with social injustice problems whether it’s about sexuality or race. There still time make the right decisions while helping people see the light within. That’s why I created this website to help others see and share the light and love with the world! So my message to is find something that makes you happy! Until next time spread the love and light to all who needs it!





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