George Michael & His mark on the world

Hey peeps, So I decided to post today about something that was on mind this week. We all know that George Michael has passed no so long ago( 5 weeks ago).
I was looking for articles on him to learn more on this ‘mystery man’ that died Christmas day , What I’ve found gave me some clarity but not enough!
Then I came along a idea of creating my own post on Him with trustworthy facts  shinning the light on truth.
First off George Michael was obviously a big during his prime which made him feel like it was too much for him to handle. Thus is why he took a break during the early 90’s to early 00’s , by 2004 he release an new album titled Patience.
At the beginning of his success started when he was with Wham! It was George and his classmate Andrew Ridgeley who formed the pop duo of the 80’s.
Songs like wake up before you go-go and Everything she wants hitting the no.1 spot billboard 100. When wham went their separate ways George kept making music. Careless whisper was Michael’s first solo hit while his album Faith & Freedom  help him become the artist we know today. Which why his mark on the world made an impact.
Of course there’s more , but I made this article a mini bio I will be thinking about making an post on Freedom 90 . Stay tuned!
  Well I do have a message for you all ! Don’t let the people who has hate for you bring you down. Until next time keep the faith!

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