Message to the Earth

Hello , People of the earth.  Today I have a very important message you. Please share with others!
As you all may know America as been is going through a tough time , with everything said by the News. I do feel deeply about my beloved country with great sympathy! The energy is getting intense.
Here I am not going to speak out against Pres. Donald trump or Media lies. Which is a lot of energy to deal with right now. All I’m doing is sending healing to everyone who feels sad/mad.
Ya know it’s hard to smile when you see so many negative things happening and I want to help those get rid of the bad energy!
Whatever happens is for a good reason even thought it looks bad it will all pass ! I’m sure of it!
Also I have a video to share! Here:

 I think we all should need some positive energy right now.
so for the message I have is to release all the negative energy from your body and allow positive energy to flow. Until next time keep the positive energy close! – Love & Light

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