The Afterlife

Hey peeps , Today I have a very special topic for y’all today! It’s about the afterlife. I know there is some folks out there who don’t believe in this and I’m not here to force you to believe.
Just some proof to show you that it exist whether you do or don’t believe it.
So here we go!
First the after life is a place where our souls go from the process of death.(Spiritual Realm)
Honestly , death is nothing but a transiting period not what religions try to say it is! (Hell& Heaven are the only places you will go).
Apparently it doesn’t go like that , there’s no place where a everlasting fire for ‘sinners’ or the devil that will torment you for eternity. All souls go where they’re frequency or vibration is , the dimensions 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th.  Not everyone is going to the same place you could possibly be back on earth in another life or not reincarnate until a certain amount of  time.
Second, during this time we have our guardian angels to help us cross over to the other side. We do indeed visit our family members or friends who passed as well , now you might ask of we could visit our love ones down on earth? The answer is yes , they may not have the ability to see you but you can give them hints of what you did on earth ( Favorite songs , quotes , foods , words, people , color , etc.) Just try not to scare them. Lol
Third I bring you is Phonograph & Videos actually
The 11/12 dimensions – Sciencephlie the Al
 Afterlife conception- Koi fresc

Photo of a grave yard.⇑⇑

To end this off I do have a message for you all as I always do. We are being that can create what we want. Until next time I hope you all learned more about the After life and tell me what you want me to post about next? Love & Light.


2 thoughts on “The Afterlife”

  1. Born into an universe which give us no control to where we are born and out are parents are, I do question if such ability exists after death. Only element of power we have is over our thoughts, choices and actions within this physical reality.

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