The Third Eye: All seeing eye?

Hey Fellow beings , I came to you with a very nice article about The third eye ,  Better yet known as the ‘All seeing eye’.
The third eye is the sixth chakra , located on the forehead in between the eyebrows.
Supposedly, there’s a place on the brain called ‘pineal gland’ which enables you to see things that the two physical eyes wouldn’t show.
Yes a higher consciousness will be into play while opening this gateway.
Astro projection , hearing voices , seeing spirits/entities , seeing the future , clairvoyance , seeing auras.
Although, this all may sound amazing  but it’s not that pleasant on the other side of the rainbow. If you are considering to open up your third eye then you should know the dangers of opening your third eye:
– Headaches;Migraines
– Different energies
– Fatigue
– Hard time knowing what is reality
– Fear
            Third Eye Dangers – Seeing Evil Spirits by Universe Inside You

Oh and I also wanted to add it’s always good to stay grounded and prepared just like the video said you’re not prepare for the unknown you what to expect.
Again, If want to open your third eye Please use caution while attempting to do it.

To concluded this article the third eye is awesome gift  that everyone have we should use it wisely and be careful at all times.
It’s really nothing to play with! My message for today is find out what gifts you might have , who knows you’ll probably benefit from them. Love & Light.

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